What does Physiotherapy involve?

It depends on what you present with. Typically, if it’s Physiotherapy that you need and are after, I will first complete an assessment. This will involve asking you questions about your current complaint, its history, any related aches and pains, your lifestyle, your family history and what your thoughts are on your problem and what you are looking to get out of Physiotherapy. This will be followed by an objective assessment which may involve looking at how you move, your posture, palpation/ manual therapy, strength testing, specific muscle/joint tests, neuro (nerve) tests and usually much more. Following assessment we’ll discuss my thoughts and reasoning on your problems and how these can best be dealt with. The possibilities here a myriad but may involve manual therapy, stretching, specific exercises, use of taping, advice on rehab and management and more. Also see the ‘Physiotherapy’ page for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy blurb on what is Physiotherapy.

What sort of massage do you do?

Whatever is required. I have trained in sport and remedial massage which covers everything from massage for relaxation, soft-tissue work, deep tissue massage, pre and post-sports massage and specific work on aches, pains and injuries. My Physiotherapy knowledge of how the complex human body works is invaluable and always applied in all hands-on work that I do. Massage works as a stand-alone treatment and will sometimes form a part of Physiotherapy treatment.

What do I wear?

Loose fitting clothing is ideal, bring/wear a pair of shorts and I may ask you to go down to your underwear as part of the assessment process so that I can clearly see what and where the problem is, how you move and establish the cause your issues. If you prefer not to do this that is absolutely fine, just let me know during the session. For massage you may be more comfortable whilst lying down if you’re wearing just underwear but again this is entirely up to you.

Do you do phone consultations?

I can initially discuss your problem over the telephone or via email to establish whether or not I think I can help you. There is no charge for this but I do charge for any further assessment and treatment that takes place.

How many treatments will I need:

How long is a piece of string?! This very much depends on the nature of the problem. For Physiotherapy, I would generally hope that you would see some improvement after the first couple of sessions. Typically the number of sessions required will be between two and six, though there is wide variation in this. We can review progress on a session by session basis if necessary and I may suggest that you need to see your GP or a different specialist if treatment with myself doesn’t appear to be working or if I think it’s applicable. If you’re coming to see me for regular massage sessions or Pilates tuition then this can obviously go on for as long as you would like it to.

What if I am already receiving treatment from someone else?

I can liaise with another practitioner regarding your treatment to ensure that my treatment will be complimentary.

Do you do home visits?

Yes. However I may request that the initial consultation be conducted at my clinic for the peace of mind and convenience of both parties. Please be aware that I do charge slightly more for home visits, contact me for details.

If you have any further questions that haven’t been answered here then do contact me, I’lll be happy to discuss these with you.


"Over six weeks I have had a course of treatment for a painful shoulder and neck which has brought considerable relief. Julie did a thorough assessment initially and has re-assessed at each visit. She has provided gentle massage and remedial therapy which have alleviated the painful symptoms and offered advice on exercises to increase mobility and rectify misalignment. After every visit I have come away feeling well cared for and considerably more comfortable with each passing week, until I now feel better than I have in months. I can truly say that I have been in very capable hands and I would recommend Julie without reservation." - Kate