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I've been practicing massage in Hebden Bridge since 2010 and this, along with Physiotherapy, makes up the bulk of my work.


There is an immediate and obvious positive effect offered by a hands-on approach and I use a variety of techniques and styles, depending upon what you prefer and need, discussed with you beforehand and also considering the issue(s) that you present with.

Methods Used:

I use deep-tissue sports methods, myofascial release (a slow and deep pressure technique) and a softer, more relaxing touch when the aim is more stress relief and relaxation. Furthermore, I use my Physiotherapy knowledge and experience to also apply physio-specific techniques, including joint mobilisations, positioning, muscle relaxation and activation techniques and more.

I use massage both as a stand-alone treatment and I will also use manual therapy as part of Physiotherapy treatment, where relevant.



A few of the (in)direct benefits that I see are:

- Reduced pain and discomfort

- Reduced stress and anxiety, improved mood

- Relaxation

- Improved speed and quality of healing in soft tissue injuries

- Better sleep patterns

- Improved circulation

- Reduced swelling/oedema

- Released endorphins – the body’s ‘feel good’ chemicals

- Stimulated flow of lymph (the body’s waste products)

- Help in management of chronic pain and problems


In fact, whether you're an injured and sore sportsperson, an aching or disillusioned office worker, someone in or approaching older age and feeling the effects, or simply someone with aches that you wish weren't there or a racing brain that needs quieting, massage might help reduce your niggles and make the world seem a slightly better place to be. If you think so then do drop me a line and we can get a confirmed date in the diary.




"After suffering weeks of lower back pain I had one session with Julie and it was amazing! The best £39 I've ever spent! She identified the problem, applied hands-on work and gave me exercises to do at home. It was fantastic to be pain-free. I haven't looked back and am so impressed and grateful. Also worth noting that no long course of treatment was needed, I had just one follow-up appointment three weeks later when she gave me further exercises to do. Finally, I highly recommend Julie if you are suffering from back pain." - Jane