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Pilates classes with Calder Therapies take place live online via Zoom on Mondays at 1pm and Thursdays at 10am.

Pilates as I teach it is an 'at your level' strengthening, stretching and conditioning activity. It aims to improve how you move and reduce aches & pains. You'll use smooth, steady and targeted exercises, working at your own pace and guided by me as a Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher, to develop strength, flexibility and movement control.

Each class lasts 40 minutes and costs £5. Clear verbal and visual instructions and demonstrations are given throughout and there are loads of suggested options to allow you to tailor the class to best suit you. Most of the exercises are done on the floor in varying positions and we do a few in standing as well.


Is Pilates for Me?

Pilates (pronounced "Pee-Lar-Teys") is for anyone. One of the many benefits of Pilates is that every exercise can be tailored to suit the individual, regardless of your age, gender, mobility issues and level of fitness. In my class I aim for everyone to be 'challenged' but always within the boundaries of what they can manage and what they are comfortable with. Consequently you can make it as hard - or as easy - as you like!

Pilates aims to improve your strength, flexibility and control in a balanced way, with particular emphasis on your "core" - the muscles comprising your stomach, back, shoulders and pelvis. It was developed in the early part of the 19th century by German-born Joseph Pilates who used his method to help rehabilitate wartime soldiers, before moving to the USA in the 1920's where he continued to teach Pilates for many decades.

What does the Class Involve & How can it Help Me?

The Pilates that I teach involves mat-based exercises in a variety of lying, sitting, kneeling and standing positions and all positions can be modified as necessary to suit. Pilates can help reduce aches and pains, improve flexibility and mobility, relieve stress and tension and reduce risk of injury. There is some evidence supporting Pilates helping to reduce back pain and many people attend the class because they find this to be the case.

I also use and teach Pilates as:

- A method of treatment, following assessment, with individual clients with specific problems

- Privately on a one-to-one basis in your home or at my clinic

- Privately in a small group setting at a location by your arrangement – contact me for further details

To book drop me an email at julie@caldertherapies.co.uk or call 07981 931853. And you can subscribe to my newsletter and pop a ‘like’ on Facebook  for further details and updates.





"After only a couple of sessions with Julie she has proved herself to be a cut above other physiotherapists I had experienced. She takes a holistic view of external and internal physical issues to successfully target the problem areas. She follows up with exercises to do between sessions and keeps her clients up-to-date by email (a tech-savvy physio - a big bonus for communication). Also, Julie has a good taste in music - in amongst the normal relaxing chants and mindfulness mix on her playlist, Air, Groove Armada and other trip-hop / chill-out artists pop up. A major bonus for me personally! Highly recommended." - James