Covid-19: Precautions, Policies & Procedures

As of Monday 15th June 2020 I'm delighted to announce that Calder Therapies is back open for face-to-face consultations! However, as we are still not 'back to normal', there are a number of steps, precautions and procedures that I have had to put in place.

The guidelines (as of 9th June 2020) are that wherever possible clients should still have appointments virtually. However, when necessary e.g. if pain, dysfunction, loss of sleep, significant difficulty with daily activities or non-response to self-management are significant factors a face-to-face appointment can be undertaken.

Attending the clinic does increase both your and my risk of contracting Covid-19 but all the necessary steps have been put in place as follows to keep this risk as low as possible.

Any face-to-face contact between us will only take place following:

1. A conversation/assessment conducted over the telephone or via email, Skype or Zoom. The object of this is to assess your current problem, to screen for Covid-19 symptoms and to establish if there are any risk factors which mean that a face-to-face appointment is not appropriate e.g. if you are shielding.

2. Discussion and agreement between ourselves on proceeding with a face-to-face appointment

3. Production of a signed Covid-19 specific consent form (available to view here) - this applies whether you are a new or a returning client. This consent form will be emailed to you and I ask that, after reading this ‘Precautions, Policies & Procedures’ document and reading the consent form in full, that you reply to the same email with the word ‘consent’ in the email subject or email body. If you don’t have email facilities then I will produce a paper copy for you to read and sign at our face-to-face appointment but I ask that you please try to use this paperless method of giving your consent when possible.

Reducing risk of transmission:

I have to wear a disposable apron, gloves and sessional mask. I am asking all clients to wear some form of mouth and nose covering, a cloth covering or homemade mask is acceptable, as are medical grade masks. If you don't have a suitable covering then I have disposable masks that you can purchase for £1.


Please be on time for your appointment. I likely won't be able to let you in to the building early and if you are late I will have to reduce the session time accordingly. This is primarily because I am allowing time between clients to clean and disinfect my clinic so there is no time spare to allow for your being late.

Where to come for your appointment:

I will meet you at the external side door entrance to the Town Hall building on Hangingroyd Lane at your appointment time. When you come into the building I will ask you to wash your hands before our appointment. There are hand-washing facilities available and hand sanitiser is also available in the clinic for use during/at the end of your appointment.

Toilet Facilities:

You are welcome to use the toilet facilities (ground floor) before and after our appointment but not during. This is again to keep infection and transmission risk to a minimum.

Attending your appointment with others:

I am asking that unless absolutely necessary, you attend your appointment alone. The building is currently not open to the public and the less people in the building and in close contact with each other the better we can reduce the risk of infection. If you do need to bring someone with you then I will need to screen them for Covid-19 symptoms, they will need to complete the consent form and adhere to all of the precautions, policies and procedures as documented on this page.


During our session I will, and I ask that you also, endeavour to maintain a two metres distance between us. Inevitably, the nature of the treatment means that we are likely to be closer than two metres at times. As and when this is the case I will try - and I ask that you also try - to position us side-by-side, or face-down if you are lying on the plinth and as far as possible that we are in a position where we are not literally face-to-face.

Appointment cards/invoices:

I am not giving out appointment cards due to the infection risk so please make sure that you have something - your phone, diary, a piece of paper - on which you can record the date and time of a follow-up appointment, if this is applicable. If you require an invoice for your appointment then I will email this to you afterwards.


I accept cash payments, payment by cheque and online bank payments; if you have an online banking app on a mobile device with you at your appointment then you can if you like complete a BACS payment at the end of the appointment. If not you are welcome to use your internet banking facility at home before or after the appointment. I don't currently accept card payments.

Cleaning and disinfecting of the clinic:

Please be assured that everything that you touch will be cleaned with alcohol wipes and disinfectant spray after your appointment, including the plinth, chair, any equipment that you use, door handles, anything. The plinth (treatment couch) is fully wipe-down and I also use a disposable paper couch roll on it.

I think that's everything! If you have any queries then please don't hesitate to contact me for further information.