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A wide variety of people and problems pass through my clinic - my youngest clients are children and the eldest are in their 90’s.

So in order to best help this varied client type I use three particular treatment methods - Physiotherapy, Massage and Pilates (see individual pages for more detail on each) - as well as a good listening ear and a wealth of experience. Moreover, to best help you, these treatment methods are used as both stand-alone and in combination and this always follows a detailed assessment. Bear in mind that we will always discuss any treatment plan first and nothing takes place without your agreement.

Below is a very generalised list of issues and areas that I can help with, though there are many more:


Back & Neck problems

Sport-related injuries

Joint problems & injuries e.g. shoulders, hips, ankles, knees

Lifestyle/posture-related issues

Stress relief & sleep problems

Headaches & migraines

Pre & post-surgery treatment & advice e.g. joint replacement, back surgery, fractures

Pilates teaching in a one-to-one or class setting



As a Chartered and Registered Physiotherapist, I am bound legally, professionally and also morally by the codes, standards and policies set out by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and the regulatory body for UK healthcare professionals, the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). Click the links for details.



"Brilliant. Thank you so much Julie. I have just completed the Newark Castle Half Marathon 4 weeks after coming to you with a sore hip and misfiring glutes. Thrilled to say I completed it without any hint of a problem thanks to you. Best thing I did coming to see you. I promise I will keep up those exercises and keep those glutes firing!" - Tracy